December 19, 2008

Off Into The Wild Blue Yonder

We're outta here in about 30 minutes to drop my puppykins off and then to deal with the madness at the airport. We don't land in KC until 1PM tomorrow afternoon, so I'm sure we'll be exhausted! Sunday I have to try and cram all of my Christmas shopping in because it's the only day mom doesn't have to work and can watch the kids for me. But, instead of going to Starbucks I'll be hittin' up Panera! Omigosh I love their coffee, and their bagels, and their sammiches, and their soups, and their salads, and their bread...I could go on longer??? No???

Anywho, I'll try to update with a post as soon as I can full of pictures of snow! Miss all my Hawaii chicas while I'm outtie ;)