October 22, 2008

Where have I been?

Stole this from Megan...

visited 26 states (52%)

If you are the genius that can see the pattern and realize that I didn't visit California until after I moved to Hawaii, then you understand why I never saw the ocean before we moved here lol. I need to go northeast and northwest. Guess that means that Patti will have a visitor!!!!

October 21, 2008

It's been a no good terrible awful very bad month

Our computer has decided that it wants to be stupid. It kept crash dumping on us and we tried every fix possible before we just erased the hard drive and started from scratch. I'm hoping I can find the pictures of Gillian's cast somewhere on one of my many random upload sites because they've all been deleted :(

Speaking of the cast, she's finally getting it off today! Woot! She should've gotten it off two weeks ago, but the doc said since we were just keeping it on for protective reasons that he wanted to leave it on for a couple more weeks. She's had the stupid thing on for 7 weeks today. I can't wait for the kid to be able to take a shower again! And no darn bags to cover it! And maybe we might be able to go to the pool or beach without feeling guilty about it!

Richard and I were having a conversation about how October is his favorite month of the entire year. It's the end of baseball, the leaves change, his favorite holiday is Halloween back home he gets to eat chili all the freaking time, and normally you get to pull out sweaters. I love sweaters. But then we started talking about how for the past 5 years of our marriage it seems that we've been cursed during the month of October. I won't go into details of how and why, but October hates us. November isn't much better until around Thanksgiving and our anniversary, and then everything always turns around by Christmas. Of course October seems to be hating the world right now with the financial crisis and economy. All I can say is that I'm soooo glad we made the decision for him to stay in the military for the time being and go to OCS.

Oh and for more blabbering before I end this, Richard and I have decided that we are going to have a little competition between the two of us from now until we go home for Christmas. We are both trying to lose at least 17 lbs by December 19th, but whoever loses the most wins. I know I'm in over my head trying to lose more weight than a man, but I think it'll be the shove that I need. I've been trying to lose that weight for the last 3.5 years. I should have a good head start on him because I've been eating really well for the last week with the exception of a trip to McDonald's and our weekly trip to Baskin Robbins for Gillian staying on the green light all week. I did get a kid cone though! Ha ha. I think he padded his beginning weight though. He lost 5 lbs overnight *rolls eyes*. I guess it's a good thing we didn't discuss what the winner gets! It's all negotiable now lol.

So, no pictures today until we get the computer totally fixed and I can reload all my software. We think it's a memory issue, so we need to buy new RAM. Much cheaper than buying a new laptop!