August 19, 2008

Gillian says "Hey look Mom it's Dorie"

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A little late posting, but I just found the time to get all the pictures uploaded. The family all headed down to Waikiki to the aquarium to spend part of our four day weekend (Hawaii Statehood day). To begin with Richard asked me a faster way to get down there than to drive all the way through Waikiki. So smart me looks up the directions on the aquarium's website (we don't spend much time in Waikiki..I can count on one hand seriously). Of course the street we needed to turn right on had no street sign, so Richard and I of course get into a blow out arguement on who's fault it was that we got lost. After back tracking we easily found where we needed to be, but the next challenge was to find a parking spot. After searching for 20 minutes we finally found one and walked over to the aquarium.

The first thing we did was watch the seal show, which I have to admit are some of my favorite animals. We then walked past the gift shop where the girls used one of those machines that flatten pennies and imprints them with a logo. Gillian made a seahorse, and Brenna despite my insistance of a sea turtle made Nemo. I'm going to figure out a clever way to use them in a scrapbook whenever I actually learn how ha ha.

The aquarium was bigger than it appeared on the outside and had a lot of reef fish which made Brenna happy. They did have a Tiger Shark and another small breed of shark among another 5 types of fish in the supposed "shark tank". I think the jellyfish were my favorite and the eels Richards. They looked like snakes that had been painted like a rainbow. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of the eels though because I was frustrated with my camera not taking clear enough shots at that point.

We had a good day. It was another weekend spent well with the dreaded deployment looming over our heads. Can you believe he has to pack his toughbox and ship it out this week already?


Richard and the girls in front of Diamondhead (the wind was awful right at that moment). We are planning on hiking up it in the upcoming weeks.


The girls standing on a mosiac in the aquarium's entryway. Brenna always looks so happy to be with us.


I hate having my picture taken, but my mom keeps insisting I'll regret it when I'm older if I don't.


These are moon jellies. By far my favorite tank in the place. Can you believe that they have no brain making their bodies function. They are just one giant nervous system floating around by the ocean's tides.


My second favorite display was at the very end of our tour. It was a coral garden. The colors were amazing in person...very irridescent.


And a closer look. I kept telling Richard that the green and black spotted piece of coral was the prettiest thing I'd seen. It shimmered in the sun and was just absolutely beautiful in person. Guess what it was??? Not a piece of coral. It's a GIANT CLAM!!!!!

A Work In Progress

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I know it's not the greatest picture taken at a bad angle from the sun, but this is the bedding my mom bought Gillian for her birthday. I picked up the throw pillows on top for $3.99 (Tommy Hilfiger mind you!) at Ross. I knew I wanted something in that corner behind her bed so it would just be empty space. I found those tissue paper flowers at Wal-Mart of all places. The crappy thing is I paid $9 for them when I totally can make them myself. So I think I'm gonna grab some more tissue and add two more flowers to the mix, and of course Brenna wants some for her room now.

And yes Megan, I'm still planning my decor/craft blog...maybe instructions on this tissue paper flower would be a good place to start? I still have a couple projects in mind to spice her room a bit more, plus the curtains I have just aren't jiving for me. Look for a complete project in the future!

August 12, 2008

Gillian Turns 5

The Birthday Girl, originally uploaded by audreyovercast.

I'm going to just post this one picture here to save on file limits until I can upgrade to unlimited capacity. I'll put the rest in my snapfish for anyone that wants to look; I just need an email address.

Gillian had a lot of fun today although we decided to not throw her a party. All she asked for was one Ponyville (miniature My Little Pony's), and she was given two which made for a happy little girl. Of course as she was opening all of her gifts from Richard and I, Brenna was telling Gillian that everything was from her. She ended up getting a ton of new clothes, cause the child certianly didn't need anymore toys. We talked about getting her very own Nintendo DS, but decided with better judgement against it due to conflicting with school. Between what her dad and I gave her, grandma and poppa, and her nana she made out like a bandit. Who would have thought of anything less??

I did make her cake. I couldn't bare to think of wasting a whole bunch of money on a cake that would mostly be thrown away, plus she told me without any influence that it would be alright if I made a cake for her. It was an oreo cookie cake, and I might add that I heard from all three of my children that it was the best birthday cake they had ever tasted. Nothing fancy, but it all goes down the same right?

We also gave the birthday princess her choice of where she wanted to eat dinner. Of all places she chose Maui Mike's. A five year old wanting to eat at Maui Mike's for her birthday was slightly bizarre, but whatever floats her boat. I will tell you though that she ate the yummy skin off the chicken and left everything else. A girl after her daddy's heart.

She's in bed now awaiting another awesome day at school, but for the last two hours I got non-stop hugs and I love you's. She's a pretty rockin' kid, but that's probably cause she has a pretty rockin' momma ;)

August 10, 2008

The Overcast's Play Golf

We gave Gillian the option on whether or not she wanted to play golf or go to the zoo today for her birthday since Richard is going to end up having to work tomorrow. Obviously she chose golf, so we headed out to the leeward side of the island where they have a nice miniature golf course attached to the water park that we are known to frequent. I think Richard's dream may come true, because Gillian is an ace on the course. She had three hole in one's (not cheating!). We had a lot of fun. It was very hot and very bright, Brenna kept telling me she needed her mermaid glasses.

Oh, and we've officially nicknamed Brenna, Buttcrack Overcast. You'll see why below ;)

August 6, 2008

Gillian goes to school

Gillian's first day of kindergarten went off without a hitch. As we were walking through the field to drop her off she said, "I am gonna miss you momma". I told her it was fine to miss me because I was going to miss her too, but when we got to her class I would give her a high five and leave her with the teacher. As I dropped her off she was excited because she already had a page to color.

The day came and went. Brenna and I headed up to the school early to be sure to get a parking spot. We stood outside and waited on the bell to ring for a good 15 minutes. As soon as her teacher released her, she was all grins. She couldn't stop telling me how much fun she had. Run on sentences non-stop about basketball, hula hoop, ring toss, and hop scotch among other things. She showed me the picnic tables they sat at and when I asked her if she ate lunch there she gave me a funny look and said, "No momma, we ate lunch in the cafeteria where there are chefs!" Well, pardon me! Ha ha.

She's so excited to go back on Friday, and I told her on Tuesday I was going to take in cookies for her birthday which she is super excited about. All in all her teacher is awesome and she thinks school rocks. What more can you ask for?

Good morning sleepy head!

Giving her sister a hug goodbye

Sitting at her desk waiting for school to start

Finally at home enjoying an after-school snack

I think someone else missed her too

August 5, 2008

Gillian goes to Kindergarten Orientation

Well, at another attempt of keeping a blog our first post will start with Gillian's Kindergarten orientation. She was really excited to begin with, but soon lost interest when she realized there wouldn't be any playing or coloring and mom wasn't going to leave her.

Chocolate Milk

Cheesin' at Breakfast

Obviously not wanting to have her picture taken and very ready to go home.

Brenna telling me "I'll let you take my picture mom".