August 1, 2013

August Goals

Happy August!  I didn't think July was ever going to end.  Woosh.  Longest month of my life.  It was basically the one month that I had nothing to look forward to during this long deployment ride.  Now that it is a new month, there is a lot going on for the remainder of the year.  Parent's anniversary, an old friend moving into town, Gillian's birthday, going back to school for the kids, etc.  And that's just to get me through this month.  Thankfully we don't have many more of those to plan without the husband around.

If the long boring month of July taught me anything, its that I need to set personal goals for myself more often.  It helps the time go faster.  It not only holds me accountable for those goals, but it usually motivates me to be a little better at living and not just being.  So, I am setting goals for myself for the month of August.

August goals...

Personal growth

Set goals for a longer period of time.  Let's go with six months.
Write new posts on this blog every day, Monday through Friday.

Health and fitness

Cut back on my almost every day Dunkin Donuts coffee habit.
Put that new Phil & Teds stroller that my husband bought me to good use and hit the road five days a week.


Attempt to carve out ten minutes a day to meditate.


Create one new piece a week, whether its a new painting or a craft.


Go through my closet and donate anything that I haven't worn in two years.  I'm giving myself a greater time span due to spending the majority of the last year pregnant.  I still have a feeling that I'm going to be sad about the measly amount of items remaining at the end of the process.


Get a better organizational system going for my hair and make up products.


Post two youtube videos bare minimum a week.

So, there they are.  I will update at the end of the month to let you know how well I did.  Obviously being the mother of four young children with a currently deployed husband, I have to realize all of these goals will remain flexible.  The biggest lesson to learn is that if you fail to follow through once, that doesn't mean you failed the entire goal.  You can't discount all the work you put in prior to the slip up.  Just jump back on the bike and keep pedaling.

And as far as the kids go, I didn't write a goal pertaining specifically to them.  I had a subheading for kids, and I deleted it.  Honestly, this little blog is a place for me to not be all about kids.  They rule my world.    I know there are things that I need to work on as a parent (no one is perfect), but I feel like I'm doing the best I can in our current situation.  I'd love to set a goal of taking each one on a mommy daughter date once a month, but that's just not feasible at the moment.

Speaking of kids, I'm currently typing away and rocking the littlest with my foot trying to get her to sleep.  She's not agreeing with my method of madness, so I must bid you adieu.  Shoot, I freaking love French words.  Why did I take Spanish in high school???