December 21, 2008

Maybe In The End It Was Worth It

I don't have any pictures to add because my camera is still packed away snuggly in my suitcase BUT something good did come out of staying home for a couple extra days. Last night while we were bored in the living room we noticed Gillian trying to tie her drawstring on her skirt. She's horrible at knotting things up because she's been trying to teach herself for so long. We just haven't had the time to sit down and actually have a lesson in tying bows. So she as of last night officially can tie her own shoes!

Every day it seems I pick her up from school with the shoe laces flapping. This is even if I double knot them, so I suspect that she's untying them herself during circle time to try and tie them herself. When school starts back up she can take care of herself! Now we just need to work on the reading and writing. She wants to make her teacher proud on how much she's accomplished over break. She's a nerd and she's my nerd :)