January 8, 2009

Wednesday Music

We're back in town! And while I'm going through all my photos to post I'll just stop by with my latest iTunes purchases. I think maybe I'll add a new list every Wednesday. I'll need something to keep my busy while R is gone. And I love find new and old music so why not? I knew I wanted to come home and buy some Foo Fighters, but iTunes concocted a 90's one hit wonders compilation that caught my total attention.

Feed the Tree 3:29 Belly
Just Like Heaven 2:54 Dinosaur Jr.
Joey 4:09 Concrete Blonde
Novocaine for the Soul 3:08 Eels
In the Meantime 4:58 Spacehog
Mother Mother 3:01 Tracy Bonham
Possum Kingdom 5:10 The Toadies
A Girl Like You 4:00 Edwyn Collins
I Got a Man 3:49 Positive K
Bad Reputation 4:09 Freedy Johnston
The Pretender 4:29 Foo Fighters
Best of You 4:16 Foo Fighters
DOA 4:12 Foo Fighters
Time After Time 3:05 Quietdrive
Sex On Fire 3:23 Kings of Leon

And the new movie quote for the year is "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" ala Joe Dirt ;)