August 25, 2013

Recycling Furniture

*Knock knock* Hi there, remember me?  I apologize for my extended absence, but life kidnapped me for a few weeks.  I finally got the two older girls back in school.  I took the week leading up to that trying to just BE with them.  I expected to be able to dive full fledge back into the blog and videos once I only had two of them at home during the day, but little did I know I'd have my hands even fuller with the baby.  Boom actually screams less, but Ev is used to a constant revolving door of faces.  Only seeing my glorious mug continuously became boring for her and she started screaming for more around the second day of school.  Here are my chicklets on the first day and the past few years -



Another thing I was doing besides entertaining the baby, was just trying to relax for once.  And in my process of relearning how to relax, I've become re-addicted to Pinterest after a long hiatus.  I know I talk about hair and make up a lot, but my first love is home decor.  If you follow me on Pinterest (see that big P button over there??), you will know that I tend to favor pinning house stuff than I do recipes or clothes.

In all my pinning haste, I am itching to go thrift shopping now.  I don't know what I need or want, I just know I need to go.  I also am feeling the need to start painting.  Just painting SOMETHING.  Canvas, walls, furniture....

We have a coffee table and end table set that need refinished.  Upon looking at them I believe the sides are laminate.  Sort of a bummer because I thought some sort of a gray stain on them would be gorgeous with my new couch.  I need opinions on color!  I think we will need to paint them.  I'm thinking gray paint is still doable.  Or white.  I don't know.  In a perfect world I'd be insanely rich and could just pick and choose whatever the heck I wanted in my room and order it custom.  I'd love a clear acrylic coffee table, or a round funky upholstered ottoman.  But I live in the real world, where the majority of our money gets eaten and is not laying around gathering dust until I decide to spend it on the perfect functional home accessory.

Macy's Teddy slate sectional

This is my couch.  Ignore the baby mess and the giant child draped across the chaise.  It's the Teddy sectional from Macy's in slate.  I love this couch.  Love may not even be a strong enough word.  When we decided we needed a new couch, I scanned through and found a similar couch that was blue velvet.  I took me a month to find something similar that was in the price point I needed.   It's overstuffed and amazing quality.  And it's huge.  All four of us (me plus the three big girls) can sit on it without touching each other.  Just what I wanted (I live on the chaise....and that's usually where I blog from).

These are the tables that need to be redone.  I'm toying with the idea of using wood filler in the crevices on top to make a smooth surface and lessen the country feel to them.  Obviously change out the hardware.  So I just need a paint color.  Our entertainment center is cherry, and that's not changing because we just got speakers that match the console perfectly.

So tell me what you think!  Opinions wanted!

Oh, and anyone want to buy that rug off of me??  Or a red couch??  Or a set of tan recliners????  I need to start purging out this old furniture before I can start getting new stuff in here that goes with my new amazing couch.