August 13, 2013

I wish to unsmell that


Have you ever smelled something and immediately wished that you could unsmell it?  The word unsmell should be added to the dictionary, because it's a real thing that evokes real emotion.  It's crazy because the word never popped into my head until I wanted to unsmell something, but it was an immediate reaction.  I wish to unsmell that.

I'm trying to change up the colors of my living room a bit because of my gorgeous new amazing couch (seriously, never realized you could LOVE a piece of furniture before).  I bought it in a color that doesn't match anything else in my house.  It's charcoal gray and everything else in my house is very autumnal colors: red, dark green, golden yellow, etc.  While shopping one day I ran across some glass candle hurricanes that were a bright dark pink color, almost magenta.  I thought it would be beautiful to pair with the charcoal gray of my couch with maybe a few splashes of peridot green and some metallics.  So, I scooped them up and brought them home to play around with where I wanted them to live.  I found the perfect spot and then added a plain clear glass hurricane I already own with them to create a trio of varying heights.  Problem is that the other two are pink ombre.  So the clear hurricane sits there and begs to be looked at.  I decided to pull it in with the other two, that I could get a candle the magenta color.  Super boring so far, right?  M'kay.

The girls and I ran down to my favorite store in existence and started browsing their candle department.  There were a couple options that would work.  Next is to decide wish one smelled the best, right?  I quickly decided that although they both smelled okay, I preferred one over the other and I thought it went with the look I was going for.
Target Melt Scented Pillar in French Tulip
Happy with our decision, we tossed in the cart and pulled out of the candle aisle.  On the end cap happen to be another group of candles I think Target is "targeting" (see what I did there?! haha) the college crowd for.  There aren't any pillars, but there was one that possessed the same color I needed in it's packaging.  I popped open the tin containing the candle and immediately wanted to have no sense of smell.  Sweet baby Jesus, please let that putridness leave my nostrils as fast as it entered.

It's sort of ironic that it's being targeted to the college aged consumer, because this candle smells like morning after the party beer bottles.  I can't be the only one that knows this smell.  You either feel too good or too awful to spend the evening cleaning up after the party.  You leave the massive amounts of beer bottles laying around inside and out on the patio to clean up in the morning.  Bottles left out to provide a just barely there watery death for whatever poor bug decided to crawl inside.  That smell.  Rancid hops and spit.  Gag.

I meant to take a picture of it when we were in there earlier and got sidetracked by impatient children.  Now that I'm home and thought I could just pull an image from the website to show you, I can't find it.  They must know what a crap product it is that they won't even sell it online!

UPDATE!!!:  I got a picture of it!  Here it is.  Don't tempt yourself to smell it if you see it.  You've been warned.

Now, I don't want to gang up on beer and how it smells, because it's not all that bad.  Yes, going to a brewery smells like a giant tin can of vomit.  But that fresh, crisp just opened beer smell?  It is GOOD.  I actually found a body wash I think mimics this smell very well.  Call me crazy, but I will bath myself in beer soap.
soap and glory clean on me smells like beer
And look there.  It won some award I wasn't aware of.  I must not be alone in the love of smelling like just uncorked liquid yeast and hops and barley and all other things that make beer good.

What is something that you wish you could unsmell?  And is there something strange that you secretly love to smell?  And don't say the smell of old books.  Everbody loves that smell.  It's not strange to run around smelling books in a library.  I may or may not have gotten a paper cut on my nose once....
See!  There's a meme.  If there's a meme it means it's not weird, right?