January 22, 2009

It happened...

No pictures today. Just had to share that Gillian's perfect streak on the green light is history. As soon as she walked out of her classroom she came clean that she had gotten in trouble and put on the yellow light. I asked her why she was on the yellow light and she couldn't give me a straight answer, but didn't seem too concerned about it. I finally proded out of her that she was actually trying to help a friend not get in trouble by telling her that she shouldn't be standing outside the classroom, but she got caught outside the classroom too in doing so. I'm not really sure. I want to believe her, but I want to ask her teacher too since no explination was sent home...just the little stop light circle filled in yellow.

This whole parenting thing is a rollercoaster of emotion and never knowing what to do or how to react. I want to be proud of her for trying to help one of her little friends do the right thing, but at the same time I want her to stay out of trouble. No ice cream tomorrow!

January 19, 2009

Happy 28th To Me!

My husband truly loves me. Last week when I was up at the PX playground with my friend M I got a phone call from R telling me that he booked us a weekend trip at Turtle Bay Resort and that I had four hours slotted at the spa for some me time. Let's just say it took all of two minutes being on the property and none of us ever wanted to leave. He booked us the cottage style room, which by the way gets a great military discount. Those that are still here and want a little mini trip or would like to stay somewhere special before you leave the island, this place was it for us. I'd like to take another mini trip backt there before we leave for good this summer. Back to the trip. As soon as we walked into the room and set our bags down we had a phone call. Complimentary water, t-shirts, fruit, and POG was on it's way. Free stuff ha ha! Okay, so it wasn't much but anything free is awesome for us. Our room had an all glass sliding door wall that opened up straight to the ocean, equipped with a hammock right on the beach edge. But of course we have two little girls with us, screw relaxing! We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool with the kids and then off to dinner after we got cleaned up. They have an excellent seafood buffet on Saturday nights. All you can eat everything, but of course I was happy with the crab legs.

The next morning was my actual birthday. I woke up and headed straight to the spa for an hour long massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure. Believe it or not although it was very relaxing, I have a hard time being away from my kids. Must be ingrained with the lack of babysitting we have around here. I was ready to see them by the time I was done. Back to the pool we go since the horseback riding was completely booked by the time we checked in. Another long afternoon at the pool, kids swimming, parents drinking lol. They have a really good blended drink there called Monkey's Lunch. I don't know all what was in it, but it definitely had bananas and Bailey's in it. Yummo.

We ended up having a very low key dinner of pasta and wine. I was wiped from all the massages and oils and creams and lotions I'd endured all morning. I think we were all in bed by 9:30. It didn't take me long to fall asleep. And of course all good things have to come to and end and usually end too quickly. We basically got up out of bed, packed our clothes and headed home. We had a very sad puppy here at the house waiting on us.

All I can say now is that poor Richard has a lot to live up to after what he did for me this year. I'm thinking The Elms in Kansas City next year. They have a spa ha ha. Just no beach, warm weather or pool. So, if anyone wants to go spend the day up at Turtle Bay...just the beach and lunch (well and maybe a drink!) I'm sooooo down it's not even funny.

Oh and did I mention that my camera battery died the first night we were there? A lot of my pictures had to be taken with my phone. I have to figure out how to upload them to my computer and not just facebook.

The living area of the room

The giant soaker tub the girls used as a swimming pool after they got out of the actual swimming pool

The double sinks and shower

The view from our room

And just a few of my favs (Brenna spent the weekend hiding from me)

January 17, 2009

352 hours

That's how long we were on vacation from Honolulu airport to Honolulu airport. It was a rough start but once we got in Kansas City everything was good despite the 7 degree temperature. Brenna learned quickly that she doesn't like being cold or confined by a bunch of clothes. Everytime we'd get the in the car and the heater would get warm she'd take her coat, socks, and shoes off. We may have slight issues with her when we move back there next fall and winter. Gillian on the other hand loves the cold. Even just the little bit of snow that she saw she was in love with. Grandma and Poppa bought them all the equipment they needed to go play in the snow. Snow pants, snow boots, gloves, stocking caps, a sled....they didn't get to use anything but the boots and gloves...and that was just because I think they were new shoes.

It was such a whurlwind trip and we felt like we were pulled in fifty million directions all the time. We didn't get really any "Kansas City" time in, but we squeezed it in when we could. My mom and I ran the kids down to Crown Center on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus and just to have the Crown Center experience. The kids couldn't wait to go back and I really wanted to get back down there with them to go ice skating, but it didn't happen. Just like with the exception of Christmas shopping I only made it to Target once.

We did have slight tragedy while we were home. On New Year's Eve I got a phone call from my grandma looking for my mom. She said that the hospice nurse had just left and had given my grandpa 2 to 24 hours to live. Not five minutes later I got another phone call from my grandma hysterical that he had already passed. I was good and held it together until I had to call my mom at work and tell her. I think I freaked the kids out a little. And how appropriate that we had just had explained what a cemetary was to them the day before (you have to drive passed one to get to my parents house, Gillian wanted to know what all the flowers were for). So of course the first thing Gillian asks me is if Poppa is in the ground now.

We didn't get to stay for the funeral with Richard needing to come back to Hawaii to clear for OCS. As of today I have less than two weeks with him. I've heard from several military friends that you fight like cats and dogs before they leave, I'm guessing because it makes the separation a little easier. I'm a little mixed up on that. I'd hate to have him leave us on a bad note. Right now we are making the most of our time together, and more than ever I don't want him to leave. Seriously, like a few months ago I probably could've helped push him out the door. Not now, I'm just trying to soak him all in. It's what we have to do though to make out lives what we want, and I know we have be very lucky through the last three years that we need to let him get through school and deploy. It's our duty and I'm comfortable with it.

Several of our family members and one friend pulled me to the side and told me they didn't know how I do this whole military wife thing, and I do it with a smile on my face. I can be honest and say there was a point in time about four years ago that I cried and screamed for a month straight before he left for boot camp. I hated him for joining the military, I hated him for making our family go through this. I had a lot of ignorance about what the military pertains back then. I love the military, I love what it's done for us and given us. It's also given me a better sense of pride in our country that I never had before. I know even if my husband is just a little link in the chain, what he is doing is making a difference for more than just my kids and I. And in the end it's what makes him happy. He loves what he does, so how could one be bitter about that?

Anyway, just a few random pictures from our trip. I think I took over 300, but about 250 of them were of Gillian's tongue and Brenna's just a blur.

The Diva and I...look! Long sleeves and pants!

The chicks with Santa Claus and the rest of Crown Center. The actual Santa picture came framed and is super cute. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it. Better than anything we've ever gotten at Pearlridge.

The chicks with their Uncle Luke and Aunt Monique on Christmas

The chicks with Grandma and Poppa by the big ball outside of Jack Stack and the Plaza from a dirty window in a moving car.

We took the girls to Rainforest Cafe. Gillian asked me if the animals were dead, so I had to explain about them being robots which ruined the fun for Richard. He did have Brenna convinced though that the monkeys were going to come steal her banana. She didn't want to stand in front of the elephants either. It's a bad picture, but it's the only one I could get.

What I woke up to on New Year's. The love of my life...can you see why I'm going to miss him?

And finally the day we were orginally supposed to leave my brother and Monique drove back to Kansas City from St. Louis for a second time to see us and check on my mom. We went down to the Power and Light district. If you EVER get to Kansas City or come see me at Fort Riley you need to go here. I will drag you if I have to! We went to the Lucky Strike to bowl with the kids and my parents to start the night out. After a certain time everyone 21 and under has to leave so my mom and dad took the chicks home and put them in bed so the four of us could go and have some fun and bonding time. We went to the Flying Saucer first which made Richard declare my brother the prince of beer. Then we went to Angel's Rock Bar where I got to see one of my best friends from elementary school Akeisha. I wish I would've gotten a picture with her! I was too busy chasing my husband around. He kept trying to sneak up to the VIP tables (he actually succeeded!). Then we went to Howl at the Moon, a piano bar. We had a lot of fun there too. It was standing room only, but once again my husband somehow weasled his way to a table front and center. I didn't really get any good pictures of that night, but the memories will do for me.
Four drunk people being photographed by a drunk person on the street. You should always expect this situation not to turn out the best!

P.S. - I'm sorry my blogs sometimes get so windy...do you see now why it took me so long to sit down and do this????

January 16, 2009

Great Grandkids

While we were back home we had pictures done with some of the family. They are a little fuzzy because I downloaded them off the website, but here they are! All six of my grandma's great-grandkids. They'll go up on her wall of fame in a giant frame as in family tradition. Watching them get their pictures done made me miss being little and doing stuff like this with my cousins. I can't wait until I can get my copies in the mail so I can put them up on my wall!
We also took the oppurtunity to have the girls picture done together and get an updated individual picture of them too. Now I'm itching for actual family pictures....

January 14, 2009

Quick Wednesday Music

Life has been more hectic in the last few weeks than I expected. I hate thinking of R leaving, but if it means slowing down just a bit I may actually enjoy it the first few days. That's awful of me. Anywho, just one addition to Wednesday Music.

A whole album, check out Company of Thieves. I love their song Old Letters.

Off to bed. Pua's getting shots tomorrow and the Diva is going shopping with me for her big girl bed!

January 8, 2009

Wednesday Music

We're back in town! And while I'm going through all my photos to post I'll just stop by with my latest iTunes purchases. I think maybe I'll add a new list every Wednesday. I'll need something to keep my busy while R is gone. And I love find new and old music so why not? I knew I wanted to come home and buy some Foo Fighters, but iTunes concocted a 90's one hit wonders compilation that caught my total attention.

Feed the Tree 3:29 Belly
Just Like Heaven 2:54 Dinosaur Jr.
Joey 4:09 Concrete Blonde
Novocaine for the Soul 3:08 Eels
In the Meantime 4:58 Spacehog
Mother Mother 3:01 Tracy Bonham
Possum Kingdom 5:10 The Toadies
A Girl Like You 4:00 Edwyn Collins
I Got a Man 3:49 Positive K
Bad Reputation 4:09 Freedy Johnston
The Pretender 4:29 Foo Fighters
Best of You 4:16 Foo Fighters
DOA 4:12 Foo Fighters
Time After Time 3:05 Quietdrive
Sex On Fire 3:23 Kings of Leon

And the new movie quote for the year is "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" ala Joe Dirt ;)