April 5, 2011

There's Nothing To Do In Pensacola

Yep, nothing to do here at all. I sit and watch my plants grow. Look. The jasmine bush is growing new buds!


And I cut a branch off to transplant and start a new bush. It's growing new buds too.


But in all honesty, Richard and I heard that out of someone's mouth on Sunday night when we took the girls out for dinner. And we've heard it multiple times from other random people. Really? There is a ton to do here. There is more to do than we have time for the most part. Our next door neighbor, who is retired Army, also happens to be part of the Jazz Society here. He was telling us about the Jazzfest that they put on, and Richard offered to throw some soldiers his way for volunteer work. Richard headed down there early Saturday morning to make sure everyone was doing their job, and the girls and I headed down that afternoon after a certain stinkpot's morning nap. We got there just in time to eat some lunch (gyro nom nom) and for the children's jam. The big girls grabbed a seat and patiently waited for a few minutes.


Then they started handing out kazoos.


And then they were given some really nice harmonicas.


As you can probably imagine the amount of noise all those kids were creating, the girls couldn't hear the direction the group leader was giving. They finally asked if they could be done after sitting there for about half an hour. We walked over a few hundred feet and made a bracelet.


After they were pleased with what they had made, we decided to take a walk around and look at the arts & crafts tents. We found one artist in particular that we were absolutely in love with his work. We took his card in hopes to purchase something in the future. His name is Sidney Carter. You can take a look yourself at his work athttp://www.sidneycarter.net/home. In the meantime, the girls posed by a fountain so you can see that Addy was there with us. She just had to be strapped down.


We did a once over on all the tents and then decided to take a walk around the Seville area.


A few pictures from the historic village.


And this is Seville Quarter. We were supposed to have date night there that very evening to watch Senses Fail play. The Reggaefest would've just been an added bonus. No babysitter equals no fun for mom and dad.


Oh and Daddy! Looky what we found :)


Richard stopped in and grabbed a glass of IPA that he was pleased with. The tour is on during your next visit!

We then came home to relax after a long day of walking around and me flinging poo around the park (a story for another time). Late that evening after dinner we got a knock on our door and it was the neighbors from across the street with this.


A cherry cobbler dump cake. They came to say thanks because Richard had helped pull a different neighbors dog off of her a few weeks back. She had been bitten pretty bad, and I'm really sad to say if he hadn't ran out there I don't know how bad the incident could have gotten.

So people, morale of the story is there isn't anything to do in Pensacola if you don't want to do anything in Pensacola. Geez, drive 5 minutes down the road and go to the flippin beach.