December 21, 2008

Maybe In The End It Was Worth It

I don't have any pictures to add because my camera is still packed away snuggly in my suitcase BUT something good did come out of staying home for a couple extra days. Last night while we were bored in the living room we noticed Gillian trying to tie her drawstring on her skirt. She's horrible at knotting things up because she's been trying to teach herself for so long. We just haven't had the time to sit down and actually have a lesson in tying bows. So she as of last night officially can tie her own shoes!

Every day it seems I pick her up from school with the shoe laces flapping. This is even if I double knot them, so I suspect that she's untying them herself during circle time to try and tie them herself. When school starts back up she can take care of herself! Now we just need to work on the reading and writing. She wants to make her teacher proud on how much she's accomplished over break. She's a nerd and she's my nerd :)

December 20, 2008

Take Me Down In A Blaze Of Glory

Love my Bon Joviness???? Well, day one of vacation and we are still in Hawaii. I'll give a total recap of our evening just so I can come back here and read this and two years from now still get pissy about it.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Security sucked, but when does it not suck. I will say though, it's the first time I haven't had to have my purse searched by hand! I must have done really well packing this go around. We got through security and it was about 10:15PM Hawaii standard time. Luckily we had about fifteen minutes before they started closing up all the shops and whatnot, so we scored some Starbucks (yes coffee for a midnight flight...hindsight it was my savouir) and popped a squat for some rest before trekking to the back end of the aiport with me of course carrying all the bags because my kids are wimps and their backpacks were hurting them. As we sat there starting to relax because all that was left to do was get on the plane and go to sleep I heard what sounded like beads scattering all over the floor. Yep, Gillian snuck one of my bracelets out of the house, was fidgeting with it and broke it into a thousand little pieces. Great start to a trip. I think she was more upset that she broke something of mine than she was about getting yelled at by her dad. Anywho, that was butter compared to the rest of the night.

We get back to the gate and our friend that just so happened to have booked the first leg of her flight on the same plane was already there with both of her kids asleep in their chairs. At least I had some company until we boarded the plane. She was in the bathroom with her youngest when they came over the intercom to announce familes traveling with children under the age of 5 to board (I'm gonna be so sad when I lose that perk!). Once B came out of the bathroom we all grabbed our bags and went to get in line behind first class. First class got on the plane...and then they shut the door. We stood there with four kids that we had to wake up to get on the plane. 5 minutes passed. 10 minutes passed. Finally a flight attendent announced that they were no longer boarding at the moment and that we all needed to take a seat. Strange??? So we go and sit down. By the way did I mention it was a midnight flight?

30 minutes pass and then they made their first announcement. The pilot found something while he was running his diagnostics and needed maintence to come in to look at something. It would be a few minutes before they could board us. Next thing we know there are two fire trucks sitting on the tarmac next to the plane. Another 30 minutes pass and they make another announcement that they are waiting to hear something and they would let us know as soon as possible how long it would be. By this point in time our flight should've been up in the air already. I knew we were going to be missing our connecting flight in Phoenix. Another 30 minutes pass and the first class passengers are now being taken off the plane and sent back through the gate. They make another announcement. There was a small jet fuel leak that they found. They knew how to fix it and it would be at least 30 minutes before we can board. And then the man said stupidly over the intercom "Hopefully they can fix it". I've never seen so many people in one room screaming "hopefully" at one time. That gives you sour tummy when you are about to fly over the ocean. Hopefully should never be used by a flight attendent. It should be banned from their vocabulary.

After another HOUR and me being completely delirious at this point laughing until I cried and hallucinating about donuts, they came back on and said "they've decided to drain all of the fuel from the plane" okay...not comprehending what this means yet "draining all of the fuel will take about 5 hours, so at this point your flight is cancelled." Yep, the stupid plane caught fire...they put it out found the leak fast enough for it not to freaking explode thank goodness. So we had to drag 4 sleeping kids yet again back through the airport to get our luggage all the while one of them is screaming and crying because they want to go see their grandma. I was on the verge of tears myself. We were on the slow end of getting to the baggage carousel so we were one of the last to get the information to get our flight changed. It pushed us back to not be able to leave until Sunday night (another midnight flight ya!). They thankfully allowed us to push back our return date by two days so we won't be cutting our trip short in the end. We just get to unpack and repack which sucks. We got home at 3:30. At least I stripped the beds and put clean sheets on before we left the house earlier that night.

Dad said that it's probably best because it's very windy and only 4 degrees today. Talk about a shock to the system. Oh and that the snow's almost all gone...just little blobs all over the ground. I don't think that would've impressed the girls much.

I guess I'm off to two days of movies and board games with the kids. And my Christmas shopping time got cut off by two days. Maybe now if I wasn't completely prepared I will be by the time we actually leave. I just wanted to be home.

December 19, 2008

Off Into The Wild Blue Yonder

We're outta here in about 30 minutes to drop my puppykins off and then to deal with the madness at the airport. We don't land in KC until 1PM tomorrow afternoon, so I'm sure we'll be exhausted! Sunday I have to try and cram all of my Christmas shopping in because it's the only day mom doesn't have to work and can watch the kids for me. But, instead of going to Starbucks I'll be hittin' up Panera! Omigosh I love their coffee, and their bagels, and their sammiches, and their soups, and their salads, and their bread...I could go on longer??? No???

Anywho, I'll try to update with a post as soon as I can full of pictures of snow! Miss all my Hawaii chicas while I'm outtie ;)

December 17, 2008

I just have to remind myself before vacation starts

He's gone in 6 weeks....

More of a rant than anything

So I started the Couch to 5K last week officially. I've tried it a few times before, but after the first session being such a breeze I push myself too hard too fast and end up hurting myself or giving up because I can't breathe. I'm doing it right this time. Even though the first week was easy, I completed it as written. I started my first session of week two today and it was a bit more difficult to get through. I just hope I can find a gym at home willing to let us use it for free for two weeks or for a small fee so I can keep it up and not have to start all over again. *I refuse to run on ice* With that said I've been becoming increasingly more irritated everytime I go to the gym with people that are there doing not a damn thing to really exercise. 20 minutes peddling on a bike like you are on a sunday stroll, 4 leg presses..not 4 sets of leg presses...just 4 leg presses, and then 15 crunches aren't going to really do you much good except maybe burn off a single m&m. Walking on a treadmill *while* watching BET, reading a magazine, and gossiping with your girlfriend for an hour...well I'll give you the fact that you walked at an extremely slow pace and you never got your heart rate up for an hour...but you are in my way and I want to bust my ass.

Why can't I get to the normal gym during normal gym hours??? This little community center gym is going to make me go postal. Oh by the way did I mention that someone took the remotes to BOTH tv's. So these idiots are using the equipment to stand on and change the channels and volume? I love walking into the gym after I put my kids to bed only to meet head on the freaking cartoon network at full blast. My iPod couldn't go loud enough to drown it out.

I forsee hourly care in Brenna's future!

December 14, 2008

End of the Competition

Well, we are about to go home which marks the end of R's and my competition to be "the biggest loser". I'm winning by a fraction, but I think he's looking better! I think it's because he's gained more muscle mass than I have. I just started doing the couch to 5K program this week too. I asked R why I have this pocket of grossness right under my butt (I hate the word saddlebag uck) and he said he doesn't know but he never worries about his legs cause he runs. So I thought I'd give it a try. I lost my before picture because of all our computer issues, so the best I can do is a picture of me this time last year. I think it does enough justice just by my face. I think I'm going to start doing montly up dates too on this blog because we aren't quitting going to the gym and eating right just because our trip is here! Sorry my now pic sux, I used the auto edit button on my camera and it turned it to crap.

BEFORE - December 2007

NOW - December 2008

I hope you can see the difference because I can! Down 9 lbs and a pant size :)

December 12, 2008

Christmas in Waikiki

Gillian's class took their annual field trip to Honu Hale (Honolulu City Hall) to see the Christmas tree and wreath display along with a short trip to Ala Moana to visit Santa. Her class also got a bonus of being able to go "build" a Build-a-bear for her class. They all stuffed a heart inside the bear, so they will forever be with their teacher. I thought it was kind of sweet. I was able to chaperone on the trip because my awesome husband stayed home with the Diva, so I got a lot of pictures..and a lot of pictures I had the settings too high on my ISO...oh well. Anyway here are some cute shots!

The giant Christmas tree that almost toppled over on them because they were replacing blubs while we were trying to get a good pic.

Giant snowman family (obviously)

My group of kids (which were all good minus one..I won't name names) sitting with the Big Guy.

And finally my Gillie. This is our weekly routine. She stays on the green light all week, she gets Baskin Robbins on Friday after school. It started as an incentive to get her to stay out of trouble...but guess who's on a perfect streak? I had to quit ordering for myself weeks ago. I got told buy one of the little boys today that I have a fat booty. I told him I know, and that's why I go run on the treadmill every night. I'm sure it would've hurt a lot of people's feelings, but I've come to accept my ass for what it is ha ha.

7 Days til Kansas City! I need to work on perfecting my camera skills still. I'm still holding out for a fancy Canon or Nikon...but I think I'll have to buy one for myself once Mr. Man heads off island ;)

December 8, 2008


I found this on the kitchen island last night when I was doing my nightly clean up.


I luv yoo vire much,



I luv yoo vire mech more.

If you need a translation from phonics sentences that says Dad I love you very much. Signed by Brenna. Mommy I love you very much more. I'm guessing that part was meant to be signed by Brenna too but she ran out of room.

Guess which child is learning how to phonically write sentences at the moment??? And we've been writing letters to Santa non-stop??? Yep, that's right..not Brenna. Little stinker. I was seriously laughing so hard when I read that she signed it by Brenna and kindly inserted the fact that she loves me more (R and B are having a power struggle at the moment...I'm not placing my bets yet because the Diva seems to be all powerful but he is drill sgt dad). At least when I showed it to him he found the humor in it too.

By the way, here is my student of the month!!!

Stage fright hits at 5. She was freaked beyond her wits.

Later on in the car I was having a personal conversation with the Diva. I asked her when she gets bigger if she wanted to be like her big sister. She flat out told me NO. I then repeated myself, but added don't you want to be smart and kind, respectful and follow all the rules? Then you could get an award like your big sister. She said "No Mommy, I will do all those things and THEN I will smile for you". She seriously is a little shit.

December 5, 2008

Woo I'm a shopping machine! I did Black Friday with my friend M this year and we headed out to Toys R Us. Hell on Earth one day a year. It honestly wasn't that bad until it was time to get in line to check out. That was freakin' ridiculous. Luckily when I accidentally got in the line for the electronics department I overheard that it was the line for electronics a few seconds later. Can you imagine how pissed I would've been if I stood there for any length of time? Of course the rest of the weekend I still got up at butt freaking 4:30 to go get a lousy free $20. What can I say, I'm crazy. Between saturday and sunday's $20 I got a free pair of Roxy jeans. I lurve them. They fit with the exception of being twelve feet too long on my stubby legs. R keeps calling me a sailor. I was mopping the floor in them and he asked if I was swabbing the deck. I'm gonna deck him...

Richard gave me the task of building us a temporary winter wardrobe before we that was going to be pulling teeth or something! The sucky thing about spending money though is it's hard to stop. Just for the hell of it I bought green earphones to match my green iPod, because well...they matched ha ha. Not really a winter neccessity, but I felt like I NEEDED them. Oh by the way my dog is snoring on my lap right now. Quite commical.

Anywho, I've gotten some great bargains and some uber cute things. I have to share these with you. I bought them for Paris Hilton Jr. tonight. If I haven't told you she's already coined the next 'that's hot'. It's 'you're so fashion'. She told me that a few months back after I had gotten dressed and walked out into the hallway past her room. Her eyes got all bugged out and she said "oh mom you are SOOO fashion!'. I thought it suited her divaness pretty well. So, now she is so fashion! Here they are...

That's just a little update for now. I'll write more later.

Oh ya, and our computer is fixed...ya!!!!!