December 12, 2008

Christmas in Waikiki

Gillian's class took their annual field trip to Honu Hale (Honolulu City Hall) to see the Christmas tree and wreath display along with a short trip to Ala Moana to visit Santa. Her class also got a bonus of being able to go "build" a Build-a-bear for her class. They all stuffed a heart inside the bear, so they will forever be with their teacher. I thought it was kind of sweet. I was able to chaperone on the trip because my awesome husband stayed home with the Diva, so I got a lot of pictures..and a lot of pictures I had the settings too high on my ISO...oh well. Anyway here are some cute shots!

The giant Christmas tree that almost toppled over on them because they were replacing blubs while we were trying to get a good pic.

Giant snowman family (obviously)

My group of kids (which were all good minus one..I won't name names) sitting with the Big Guy.

And finally my Gillie. This is our weekly routine. She stays on the green light all week, she gets Baskin Robbins on Friday after school. It started as an incentive to get her to stay out of trouble...but guess who's on a perfect streak? I had to quit ordering for myself weeks ago. I got told buy one of the little boys today that I have a fat booty. I told him I know, and that's why I go run on the treadmill every night. I'm sure it would've hurt a lot of people's feelings, but I've come to accept my ass for what it is ha ha.

7 Days til Kansas City! I need to work on perfecting my camera skills still. I'm still holding out for a fancy Canon or Nikon...but I think I'll have to buy one for myself once Mr. Man heads off island ;)