December 8, 2008


I found this on the kitchen island last night when I was doing my nightly clean up.


I luv yoo vire much,



I luv yoo vire mech more.

If you need a translation from phonics sentences that says Dad I love you very much. Signed by Brenna. Mommy I love you very much more. I'm guessing that part was meant to be signed by Brenna too but she ran out of room.

Guess which child is learning how to phonically write sentences at the moment??? And we've been writing letters to Santa non-stop??? Yep, that's right..not Brenna. Little stinker. I was seriously laughing so hard when I read that she signed it by Brenna and kindly inserted the fact that she loves me more (R and B are having a power struggle at the moment...I'm not placing my bets yet because the Diva seems to be all powerful but he is drill sgt dad). At least when I showed it to him he found the humor in it too.

By the way, here is my student of the month!!!

Stage fright hits at 5. She was freaked beyond her wits.

Later on in the car I was having a personal conversation with the Diva. I asked her when she gets bigger if she wanted to be like her big sister. She flat out told me NO. I then repeated myself, but added don't you want to be smart and kind, respectful and follow all the rules? Then you could get an award like your big sister. She said "No Mommy, I will do all those things and THEN I will smile for you". She seriously is a little shit.