December 17, 2008

More of a rant than anything

So I started the Couch to 5K last week officially. I've tried it a few times before, but after the first session being such a breeze I push myself too hard too fast and end up hurting myself or giving up because I can't breathe. I'm doing it right this time. Even though the first week was easy, I completed it as written. I started my first session of week two today and it was a bit more difficult to get through. I just hope I can find a gym at home willing to let us use it for free for two weeks or for a small fee so I can keep it up and not have to start all over again. *I refuse to run on ice* With that said I've been becoming increasingly more irritated everytime I go to the gym with people that are there doing not a damn thing to really exercise. 20 minutes peddling on a bike like you are on a sunday stroll, 4 leg presses..not 4 sets of leg presses...just 4 leg presses, and then 15 crunches aren't going to really do you much good except maybe burn off a single m&m. Walking on a treadmill *while* watching BET, reading a magazine, and gossiping with your girlfriend for an hour...well I'll give you the fact that you walked at an extremely slow pace and you never got your heart rate up for an hour...but you are in my way and I want to bust my ass.

Why can't I get to the normal gym during normal gym hours??? This little community center gym is going to make me go postal. Oh by the way did I mention that someone took the remotes to BOTH tv's. So these idiots are using the equipment to stand on and change the channels and volume? I love walking into the gym after I put my kids to bed only to meet head on the freaking cartoon network at full blast. My iPod couldn't go loud enough to drown it out.

I forsee hourly care in Brenna's future!