August 9, 2013

Hi 5 For Friday

Welcome back to Hi 5 For Friday!!!!!

Another week down people.  I can not express how good it is to see the weeks fly by at this point.  We are like in the single digits, no lie.  My love will be home soon!

For the time being, you can read about five things that made me happy this week....if my iPhoto quits playing spazz on me.  So lame.

#1 Beauty

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

smashbox photo primer sample

I won a sample size tube of Smashbox primer from their website a few weeks back.  The tiny tube showed up in my mailbox this week.  I've been wanting to try it for a while, but I just couldn't justify the price.  Remember how I told you I was cheap back in this blog post?  I've only used it for a few days, but I'm loving what I see.  If I do decide to splurge and pay for a full size tube, I'm interested in the peach color that is supposed to help with color correction.  This pregnancy induced melasma is needing to take a hike!  I guess I'll just keep attempting to find a cover up for it until it decides to do so.

#2 Fashion 

Minnetonka Sandals

pink minnetonka sandals

There ya go, a giant picture of my feet.  Dontcha love how my toe polish matches the color of the leather?  Sorry if you are one of those people who hate feet.  I think mine are kind of cute with exception of that giant fire ant bite on my toe.  Those suckers take forever to heal!  It's been a month already, seriously.  Anyway, I love my new hot pink fringy sandals.  I wish my legs were in shape to show them off properly in amazing shorts or a super cute dress.

#3 Home


magenta home decor

The girls and I had a few shopping trips for home decor this week.  Gillian's decided that all she wants for her birthday is her own room, and to decorate it.  Her and I spent a considerable amount of time in Marshall's and TJ Maxx digging through stuff like kids in a candy store, all the while the younger three did not have as much fun.  I think Brenna was just a little jealous and ready to redecorate her room now.  Addison just wanted toys.  I found all this really pretty magenta stuff and thought it would be a nice color to accompany my new slate couch.  I'm liking it so far.  Addy won't let anyone else sit with the "pink" pillow though.  It's quite a bone of contention with her.

#4 Music

Grouplove - Ways To Go

Group Love ways to go

This song has been on repeat in my car all week.  I've even gotten Gillian hooked on it.  And girl's got moves.  I think I need to film a video of me dancing like her.  EPIC.  New album Spreading Rumors out in September.

#5 Family

My Gillian Clare

 tween girls fashion

This girl is in my favorites for this week.  My oldest baby.  She drives me bat shit crazy.  But I love her.  And I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  I remember not really have expectations when I went in the hospital to have her.  I remember being a giant wimp and trying to take the easy way out after a long, tiresome labor.  I remember saying she was so fat when they handed her to me (not a heartless remark by any means...she was fat haha).  I remember sort of glazing over and spacing out for a few hours. I remember staying up all night, staring at her, the most perfect little baby I had ever met.  And I remember every day of her life since then, even if she doesn't.  Happy birthday little piglet.

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