July 31, 2013

There is a new standard in mom fashion

Have you ever felt like you make a miraculous fashion find, beauty trend or even home decor discovery, only to figure out not five minutes later that you are actually late to the party?  I'm still in that stage post pregnancy where I'm feeling very maternal.  I purchased and adorned myself with a super cute maxi dress (you know, the kind with the short skirt underneath the long sheer overlay?) because I am still working on squeezing into normal people jeans.  Only I was left to feel like I was wearing a giant moo moo.

This is how I feel ^^^.  Not the statuesque model.  The saying on the shirt.  I am milk and cookies.

I took the kids out to breakfast this morning.  As always, trying to make a conscience effort to not be the homely mother with the homely children, I threw on a cute strapless sundress (needing nursing convenience is another thorn in my fashion sensibility), a jean jacket and my favorite Havianas flip flops.  Pinned my hair up into a somewhat unmessy bun, threw on some mascara and lipgloss, did the understated jewelry of pearl earrings, and headed out the door with my circus.  Sitting and sipping my coffee, feeling very proud of myself for being so put together with a 9 week old baby, I glance around the restaurant.  Epiphany.  I have five mom clones sitting in a twenty foot radius of myself.  How and when did that happen?!  The parameters of mom clothes has changed.  There is obviously a more modern mom style, but who says I want to dress like a mom?

Needless to say, I am working on rediscovering myself outside the realm of being a walking talking incubator and current milk factory status.  I've spent hours upon hours scouring the internet, fashion magazines, and television trying to apply current trends to my own personal style.  I'm super excited about the resurrection of Doc Martens.  I will own this pair in leopard print.
My inner fourteen year old girl is very happy about what I'm seeing in the current trends.  Brandy Melville, Top Shop, and Wildfox Couture...shoot, if only I could have my fourteen year old body back.  Well, not really.  But alas, my post-carrying-four-babies-body will not be showcasing any crop tops, and I fear the comeback of high-waisted jeans will only result in the epitome of "mom jeans".

I can slap the perfect face of make up on, style my hair with the best of them, but my closet is floundering.
I know I cannot possibly be alone in this mess.  So, let's revolutionize the standard mom uniform together.  No more yoga pants outside of the gym, no more sloppy dresses (let's be honest, we secretly feel like we are wearing stylish nightgowns and getting away with it), and no more flip flops as every day wear.  If you are happy with the new age mom style, then just ignore me and go on with your happy self.  Because that's what this is truly about isn't it?  Being happy with yourself?  That's the only thing I constantly strive for in life.

*Images credited to asos.com, shoebuy.com and pinkolive.com