July 30, 2013

Essie Fall 2013 Collection: Deeper, Richer, Cozier

I don't know about you, but as much as I'm into all things hair and make up, I really drop the ball with my nails.  It takes a conscience effort to paint them and maintain them, especially with three little girls running around the house and a new infant to care for.  I find the difference between caring for the upkeep is finding an amazing color, and of course the formulation is the breaker.  Yes, I've sort of become an Essie snob.  I know there are many other amazing nail polish brands out there, but Essie's availability and right on the money price keeps me coming back time after time.

essie fall 2013 collection

The fall 2013 collection from Essie is reminiscent of the color trends for the fall seen on the runways at New York fashion week.  Lots of deep hues of blue and gray with a few pops of rich red.  I for one can not wait for the fall season to come upon us.  I am more for the jewel tones than I am the fluorescents of summer.  Quite possibly the reason I gravitated to Naughty Nautical and The Girls Are Out from their Summer 2013 collection.  Without further ado, here they are, the Fall 2013 collection colors from Essie.

essie fall collection cashmere bathrobe
Cashmere Bathrobe is a cream polish in a beautiful shade of flannel gray.  Although it is listed as a cream polish, it does appear to have a bit of sparkle to it as to not be a completely true cream polish.
essie fall collection after school boy blazer
After School Boy Blazer is a cream polish in this rich deep navy.
essie fall collection for the twill of it
For The Twill Of It is a shimmer polish in olive with iridescent shimmer of greens and purple.  I think this may be my favorite of the collection.  I have a bad shimmer habit that is hard to break!
essie fall collection the lace is on
The Lace Is On is a cream polish with a hint of sparkle in a vibrant fuchsia shade.  Its very reminiscent of the Summer 2013 color The Girls Are Out.  Just a little more sparkle.
essie fall collection twin sweater set
Twin Sweater Set is a vibrant cream polish in a gorgeous ruby.
essie fall collection vested interest
Vested Interest is a wooly, teal gray cream.

Overall, I'm impressed with the collections colors.  I can't wit to try a few out personally when the become available in August.  They are available for pre-order from select retailers now.  I can feel the color scheme inspiring some home decor and future DIY's!

If you are like me and nail polish lasts forever, or until you throw it out because it gets thick and goopy, there is a mini set available in four of the six colors:  For The Twill Of It, Cashmere Bathrobe, The Lace Is On, and Vested Interest.  The mini set is 0.16 oz each and retails for $17 USD compared to the 0.5 oz in a full size bottle that retails for $8 USD.

Which color are you most excited to try?

*Images credited to MakeUpForAll and Nordstrom.com
**I've not been paid or compensated for this preview.  These are all my own words and opinions.

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