August 1, 2013

The Balm Cosmetics On HauteLook today!!!

If you have ever been interested in any of The Balm Cosmetics, today would be a good day to grab them up!  They are currently listed on at 50% off retail!

Mary-Lou Manizer and Betty-Lou Manizer are an amazing highlighter and bronzer. I personally am ordering Mary-Lou Manizer.  I need a good highlighter in my life!  It has a nice golden sheen to it instead of a silver cast like a lot of highlighters can.

Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter

Betty-Lou Manizer bronzer

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Meet Matte(e) Nude.  It is a good option for matte shadows if Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette doesn't do it for you.  Meet Matt(e) Nude retails for $42 USD, and you can get it off for $21 USD today!  That's cheaper than the Naked Basics palette, and the amount of shadow you receive in this palette is no competition.  Naked Basics supplies you with six .05 oz shadows.  Meet Matt(e) Nude gives you NINE color options for the shadows in generous portions.  I can't find anything stating exact grams or ounces, but when the tagline on the package states "Because size matters" one would believe that the shadow sizes are larger than the competition.

Meet Matt(e) Nude eyeshadow palette

I won't go into every product being offered, but these are just a few that I would start with if you are new to The Balm.  I will provide a link below for referral to  Happy shopping!!!
*Images courtesy of (I did not realize you could buy make up there?!  Good to know!)