August 2, 2013

Hi 5 For Friday

Five things that made me happy this week.

#1 Beauty

Dip Dye Hair

dip dye ombre hair
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The ombre hair trend has been going on for a while and is very well on the downhill slide, but vibrant colors are still very much in.  I appreciate the unexpected twist on the trend.

#2 Fashion

Cole Haan's metal aviator sunglasses

cole haan aviator sunglasses

I picked these bad boys up a few years ago when we were living in Arizona, and they are STILL my favorite sunglasses.  Unfortunately, they met the concrete one too many times at the pool and need replaced.  They are super durable, I just managed to crack the lens on one side.  A three year lifespan isn't bad considering the typical life of sunglasses.

#3 Home

IKEA EIVOR curtains

ikea eivor curtains for a tween girls room

These are the curtains we purchased to put in Gillian's big girl room.  I love the sketchy tree print, and I love that IKEA's curtains come in such long lengths.  You can properly hang the curtains without them being five million feet too short.  Why do most stores insist on carrying only 84" curtains?

#4 Music

The return of AFI

the return of afi 2013
Davey's back!  Okay, so I know music is a very personal thing, but Davey makes my heart sing.  AFI released a new single this week I Hope You Suffer, and the video is currently available to watch on YouTube.  Part of the fascination with AFI is watching the evolution of Davey Havok.  From long haired garage punk rocker to the newest more mature dark and mysterious Davey, I always look forward to seeing his transformation from album to album.  The complete album Burials is set to release in October.

#5 Movies

Rock of Ages

rock of ages venus room dancing scene
Okay, okay, I know this is old news.  It has revived itself in my house during my lonely late nights as one of my guilty pleasures.  Forget the fact that Tom Cruise playing a cheesy 80s rocker a la Axl Rose is a much more preferable version of himself over...well...Tom Cruise being himself.  But honestly the number one thing about this movie that never ceases to amaze me is the choreography and visual appeal of the pole dancing in the Venus Room scenes throughout the movie.  Those women are amazing!  Makes me want to go around stomping in platform heels.  I'm sure it doesn't really sound as cool when it's just one person.  And that person is stomping their heels wearing sweat pants while folding laundry. Seriously though, if they put together a choreographed pole dancing tour, I'd buy tickets.

This post is brought to you by Lauren, who I found through Megan, who she found through Jessica.  Confusing enough for you?

Have a happy weekend everyone!