August 5, 2013

I've been pinned on Pinterest!!

So crazy.  I knew of my bow holder being linked there (which by the way needs updated in a bad way...I can't in good faith have people keep pinning that thing), but I hadn't realized that my wreath hanging on my front door  was floating around Pinterest Land!  You see...I went about posting it there the wrong way.  Instead of doing a blog post about how I made it and taking the time to do it correctly, I just uploaded the pic straight to Pinterest.  I lost all ownership in the process.  Its the wreath I made last year for the fall.  I have the kids back to school pictures of them posing in front of it.  I was just telling Gillian, my oldest, that I needed to make a new updated one.  Its not only sun-faded from hanging out for so long, but a nice wasp family has taken up residence on the backside of it.  I've sprayed the crap of the thing and sent the remaining family members on their merry way, but I need to pull it down (probably with a ten foot pole) and beat the crap out of it so that no traces of wasps exist.  By the time I'm done obliterating the wreath, I probably won't have a choice but to replace it.I'm thinking if I plan on making another one, I may as well do it here for you.  Is anyone interested in that?  I won't say it's my idea, sprouted straight from my glorious brain, but I will say that the person I "borrowed" from is selling the bad boys on Etsy for eighty bucks a pop.  Say wha?  Yeah, that's what I said.  Eighty freaking dollllars.

I also made and pinned the cereal box turned into a random crap holder pictured below.  *Sigh*, well I've learned my lesson now.  I can only hope pointing out my mistakes saves someone from some grief.  Take credit where credit is due.