August 12, 2008

Gillian Turns 5

The Birthday Girl, originally uploaded by audreyovercast.

I'm going to just post this one picture here to save on file limits until I can upgrade to unlimited capacity. I'll put the rest in my snapfish for anyone that wants to look; I just need an email address.

Gillian had a lot of fun today although we decided to not throw her a party. All she asked for was one Ponyville (miniature My Little Pony's), and she was given two which made for a happy little girl. Of course as she was opening all of her gifts from Richard and I, Brenna was telling Gillian that everything was from her. She ended up getting a ton of new clothes, cause the child certianly didn't need anymore toys. We talked about getting her very own Nintendo DS, but decided with better judgement against it due to conflicting with school. Between what her dad and I gave her, grandma and poppa, and her nana she made out like a bandit. Who would have thought of anything less??

I did make her cake. I couldn't bare to think of wasting a whole bunch of money on a cake that would mostly be thrown away, plus she told me without any influence that it would be alright if I made a cake for her. It was an oreo cookie cake, and I might add that I heard from all three of my children that it was the best birthday cake they had ever tasted. Nothing fancy, but it all goes down the same right?

We also gave the birthday princess her choice of where she wanted to eat dinner. Of all places she chose Maui Mike's. A five year old wanting to eat at Maui Mike's for her birthday was slightly bizarre, but whatever floats her boat. I will tell you though that she ate the yummy skin off the chicken and left everything else. A girl after her daddy's heart.

She's in bed now awaiting another awesome day at school, but for the last two hours I got non-stop hugs and I love you's. She's a pretty rockin' kid, but that's probably cause she has a pretty rockin' momma ;)