March 6, 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Review

My makeup hoarding and collecting has officially reached new levels. Yes, now I'm one of THOSE who stays up at all hours waiting for these collections to release so I can get my grubby paws on things that may or may not be available an hour later. The most recent collection that MAC released was Bao Bao Wan. If you aren't familiar with Bao Bao Wan, she's a Chinese socialite and jewelry designer. Her background in jewelry design is apparent in her color selections for this collection.
I didn't get the most highly coveted lipstick colors, Lavender Jade or Forbidden Sunrise. Maybe if I take another jump and grab these things for pure collective purposes, I'll start purchasing the more far out there colors I'd never dream of wearing on my pasty skin. For now I'll forgo the lavender and bright orange lipsticks.
What I did grab out of the collection was the profusion eyeshadow palette Bao's Jewels, the beauty powder Summer Opal, and two of the four lipsticks Burmese Kiss and Romantic Breakdown.
The standout from this collection that I've seen a lot of people wanting was the beauty powder, Summer Opal. On most of the blogs and swatches I've looked out it appeared much more like a bronzer than it is in actuality. It's a very nice highlighter, that could easily be compared to some of Becca's shade range. It swatched nicely, and had a great texture. I have yet to actually apply it, but I will update you all when I do.
I also purchased the deluxe pearl fusion eyeshadow palette in Bao's Jewels. Bao's Jewels are all considered a frost. I honestly don't know why there hasn't been more hype over this palette! It swatched gorgeously with the exception of the lightest color. The lightest color isn't awful, just sort of powdery. It's more for a great accent highlight for the inner eye or brow bone, and I think would be a great dupe for the shade Dust in Urban Decay's Naked 3.
The swatches are below. From left to right it's the lightest to the darkest shade in the palette, and then on the very far right is Summer Opal. Summer Opal doesn't show up all that well, but as I stated it just gives a great highlight and doesn't have a heavy bronze pigmentation.

I chose the two colors of lipsticks that I thought I could actually wear Romantic Breakdown and Burmese Kiss. Romantic Breakdown is a sheer nude luster and Burmese Kiss is a great bright coral pink matte. It doesn't look so much coral in the photographs, but in person it definitely is coral.

I'm extremely pleased with what I purchased out of this collection. The packaging is a beautiful matte duo chrome of chocolate brown and teal that just gives a hint of shimmer. The formulas are all great. As of this moment right now Bao's Jewels and Romantic Breakdown are still available for purchase on Mac's website. If you just click on the names it'll take you to the page for purchase.

**All products shown here were purchased with my own money. All images are my own. No affiliate links. Please link back if you choose to use any of my images.

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