November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!


The girls had a really fun Halloween this year. They are at the perfect age to start enjoying all of these fun holidays. It makes me wish I were still a kid. Christmas is going to be so awesome this year!

Brenna and I started off the day finishing up the decorations on the front of the house since I had been sick all week previous to this. We then ate some lunch and headed off to see Gillian in her kindergarten parade at school. Let me tell you, I think cliques start way early! Her and all of her little girlfriend were such divas in their little group posing for all the pictures about five feet away from the rest of their class.

The only problem with these costumes is that the girls not only looked like cats, but they thought they were cats. I heard meowing all night and pretend licking. It was all I could do to keep them from not rubbing all their make up off their faces because they were trying to do kitty nudges. I think we need another cat.

The girls scored big with their candy, but their favorite "treat" of the evening was the playdoh I decided to try out instead of candy this year. Apparently it was a huge success. Richard said that he overheard kids yelling 'that house over there has playdoh!'. Next thing he knew we had a line of about 30-40 kids down our sidewalk. He said he ran out in about 30 minutes. I was only gone with the girls for about an hour, so I was super surprised to see our porch light off and the front door shut.

Halloween was fun, but I'm glad we get to move on to the rest of the holidays now. I'm ready to put my tree up now...does that make me a nut? Oh..and I've already stocked up on the almond bark while I was last minute Halloween shopping lol. You can never plan too early!