August 26, 2011

More random food ramblings

First of all I went to the store and made sure I bought my multigrain tortilla chips to eat with salsa. I came home, put all the groceries away, fed the baby and laid her down for nap, prepared to make salsa and alas I forgot the flippin' tomatoes. Grrr. And then I was kicking myself for not buying any hummus so I could at least dip SOMETHING. So I made myself actually eat a sandwich, not just the lunch meat like I usually do. I started buying Ezekiel bread because it's supposed to be so much better for you than even the 100% whole wheat stuff, but every time I've tried it with previous to today it just tasted healthy. Come on, you know what "healthy" tastes like. Not horrible gag me, but not good either. I couldn't find the sugar free bread that is my usual purchase, so I was stuck with this stuff that I need to eat and get out of my fridge anyway. Apparently you can make some mock french toast and a whole bunch of other stuff out of it, but I just wanted a turkey sandwich! So, I toasted it until it was uber crunchy, threw a little mayo on it so it wasn't completely bland and dry, the turkey, and then I cut up a green pepper to eat on the side. Can I just say best.turkey.sandwich.ever! I'm very excited I didn't give up on the Ezekiel bread and finally found it appetizing :)

Anyway, this is what the product looks like, and you can find it in the freezer section at your grocery store or possibly the organic freezer section. I know our Walmart Supercenter does not carry it, and I have to either buy it at Publix or the commissary. I avoid Winn Dixie like the plague so I am not sure what they carry.

Have a happy Friday and uneventful weekend! Hope this hurricane fizzles out.