August 25, 2011

Gall Bladder

Surgery is scheduled, they did a bunch of blood work on him today, and he has to go back in next week for additional blood work. I hope in the end it's all a precaution, and that it ends up just being gall stones flat out period. He's going to be home with me until the procedure, and goodness I love that man but he's invading my territory. I stay home with the kids and enjoy having the house to myself. I can't clean and crash around and make noise, I can't blare the stereo and watch trashy TV during nap time, and I'm always afraid he's going to catch me eating the things that both of us know I should not be eating...but I do it anyway.

Other than that I have a serious Sudoku addiction going on right now. I refuse to buy more than a book a week for my Nook, and I hit my quota for this pay period within 4 days. So Sudoku it is. I've mastered the easy level in just over 14 minutes. I can solve the extreme, but I don't have an hour to sit there with one puzzle. The easy ones are good to sit down on a break and do. Yes, I'm a huge dork but I honestly think it's helping my brain function quicker. And since I just started reading again after a summer of nothing, I missed how my vocabulary always picks up when I'm actively reading. I know these words and they are always on the back of my tongue, but I can't spit them out and end up saying, well you know what I mean. Doh.

Enough of my stupidisms for the evening I guess!