August 25, 2011

I'm not Giada

And I'm 100% sure I'm not Italian, but I am capabale of making a meat sauce for my spaghetti from scratch. Sometimes it's just more convenient to buy jarred sauce. Like when you are leaving the gym at 5:00 pm and have to get home and get dinner cooked and served by 6, but have to stop by the store first because you have nothing to make a complete meal at home. You can turn your nose up in the air, but the kids will eat it and that's all I care about! I've done well in the past couple of years with limiting certain foods from our house completely, only buy whole grain breads and pastas, and try really hard to buy things that don't contain HFC. Now, I'm narrowing that down even further and trying to eliminate partially hydronated crap and anything related to sugar if I can help it. So when I was reading labels in the 5 minutes I had to run in the store, purchase jarred sauce, and head home, I found this brand I hadn't tried. Organic and made with agave nectar instead of sugar, and tastes fabulous to boot. Just thought I'd throw a name drop for anyone with similar food habits.

Organicville Marinara! Threw some cooked ground white turkey in it and over whole wheat pasta. It was a little more expensive (like $2 more a jar) but I guess that's the price you pay for health. What I pay at the store I won't spend in future medical payments hopefully.