March 8, 2009

Baby's got a brand new bed


After months of saying that I needed to buy Brenna a big girl bed I finally got around to it after Richard left. It's amazing the things I get accomplished when I have no wifely duty distractions. My mom purchased the bedding for her as her birthday present. The headboard was party of her crib and it has a matching footboard, but I think I'll probably just ditch them some time before we move and buy her a new one when we get to Kansas. The quality of the crib has been crap since we took it a part to put on the truck from Kansas City to Hawaii a little over three years ago. I'm totally disappointed in it since Gillian's lifetime crib is still doing it's lifetime purpose almost 6 years later.

I'm a little perplexed on how to totally accessorize the rest of the bed, but I'll get it figured out. I'm dying to finish off her room as the rest of it is bare bones (no curtains, etc), but I am attempting to behave and not spend unneccessary money on those kinds of things until we move into our next house. That way I can totally go all out and get it done right away without having to put things together piece by piece like I normally do.

If only I had the time, energy and money to give my own bedroom an overhaul.