March 23, 2011

New Friends

Being in this strange situation as far as the Army goes, with such a small company occupying a naval base, making friends as a spouse can be difficult to say the least. Finally after sitting here for months, lots of random trips to the mall, craft stores and Target I decided I needed to meet other moms. I joined a playgroup and was fortunate enough to have a few moms reach out to me on a personal level and not just the regular group setting. I'm thankful for these women even if I don't see them on a daily or even weekly basis. They help me keep my sanity. A(mommy) and S(baby) are Addison and my friends that we play with during the day while big sisters are at school. After meeting we discovered that we actually occupied space in Sierra Vista at the same time, but never met. We've attended a lot of the same playgroups together and have done a few things out on our own without the playgroup.

Here is picture of Addison from a playgroup at the beach. We got together with a group of moms at Blue Angel Recreation Center. It's a private military campground/beach/paintball/disc golf/playground kinda place.


I took her bathing suit but never changed her in to it. It started out way chillier than expected. I forget that the temp drops a good five degrees the closer to the water you are. Didn't really matter though, because she refused to go close to the water. She just wanted to sit in the sand and steal other people's snacks. I literally had to pull her off some person we don't know's blanket five times because she was trying to get into her cheez-it box.

Yesterday, A(mommy) texted me and asked if we wanted to drive down to NAS Pensacola with her and S(baby) to watch the Blue Angels practice because they are finally back in town. Loaded the girls up and drove down there only to have practice cancelled due to visibility. We decided to let the girls go inside the Naval Aviation Museum to run some energy off so it wasn't a totally wasted trip.

Addison inside the miniature aircraft carrier.


She isn't quite ready as far as her motor skills go to move the cars around the map, but she was diligently working on it.


Addy and S(baby) deciding which way to have their moms chase them. I love how only the stroller is in focus.


I guess she needed a break.


We went upstairs to kill more time until lunch. I hadn't visited this section of the museum when Mom and Dad were down here at Thanksgiving. All we really looked at during that visit were airplanes. I think we actually missed the part of the museum the bigger girls would enjoy. I'm marking it down as a place to keep them busy during spring break.


She had to be wrangled at this point. She was getting tired and I was getting hungry. Too much work for me to chase her. And we have a molar on the verge of busting through. Hence the hand in the mouth ALL the time.


We ended the morning at the Hip Pocket Deli off of Barrancas Ave for lunch. Richard had visited it a few weeks ago when he had a work lunch and gave it rave reviews. You truly could drive right past it and never know...I almost did even though I was looking for it. I wish I remembered to take a picture of it so I can show you exactly what I mean by hole in the wall. But it was freaking amazing. Best gyro I've eaten. Again cash only (I had to run across four lanes of traffic to an ATM), only open for lunch the hours of 10-2 and most of the sandwiches/pitas are $7 with drinks costing $1. They only had one highchair and a couple of boosters so that made lunch with Addy and S(baby) interesting. It reminded me kinda of Maui Mikes for my Hawaii ladies. Not much to the place and heavily military influenced. I will be returning as often as my wallet and waistline allow me.