March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Richard and I have been spending a lot of time outside the past few weekends trying to get the yard and pool in order to enjoy with the warmer weather. We've worked our hinneys off and it's starting to pay off already I'd like to think. A few weeks ago we went to Home Depot to talk to the garden center about plants. We wanted to know what would thrive in our yard and what did best with little care because Richard is so busy and I'm kind of a space cadet about feeding anything other than my children. The worker in the garden center said that their Spring Expo would be on March 19th and we should wait until then to buy any plants. They'd have the Easter bunny and be serving lemonade (sold the kids!) and cheesecake topped with blueberries (sold me!). So, we packed up the crew and headed there to get out business done and had the kids picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Best family picture to date.


We then returned home to get to work again. The previous weekend we hacked down a yellow jessamine that had claimed the fence as hers and was swallowing it whole. It's now a big pile of sticks. It's already sprouting new vines, so we bought a few plants to place in front of it in the meantime so it's not a big eye sore of a stick pile. If someone knows if we need to cut it back more please let me know. Richard and I are not green thumbs and are winging it most of the time.


We also have this flower box that also serves as a waterfall for the pool. We had the yellow flowers above in it, but they were shedding into the pool and driving Richard crazy so I repotted them elsewhere and put a lot of different annuals in there that are smaller (for the time being).


These are supposed to die out in May, but they are doing really well right now! I put some Miracle Grow on them and the next day it looked like they had new 10 inch high shoots on them.


And here's the pool. I'm not sure I can ever live without one now.


And me by the pool with a well deserved beer after busting my butt all day.


Richard and Addison having a drink too.


And Addison explaining to her Mommy the importance of sunscreen. Apparently I've missed that memo a few times


I know I'm failing as a mother to include all three of my children in this blog post, but the older two won't hang around me long enough for me to snap their pictures. Especially that middle one. She's always a giant blur.