February 6, 2009

Chore Charts

We've been giving the girls for a while now one dollar every time they clean their room without help. If one cleans and the other doesn't help then the cleaner will get two dollars and the non-cleaner gets to be jealous ha ha. Well...I never have dollars on me! I'm always having to tell them, Mommy will give you your dollar tomorrow after I go get some cash. So I think, what about a chore chart? That way I only have to give them money once a week and I can prepare myself for say Friday being allowance days. I've also decided that Gillian at the least is getting big enough to help me with some of the other stuff around the house like feeding the dog and dusting (after a brief lesson of which way to not point the can so we don't spray polish in our face). And for Brenna I think I'm going to get creative and make up *chores* for her like no biting nails, keeping things out of our mouth (do you see a trend here?), saying please and thank you, etc.

So, I go off on my journey as self-proclaimed master googler to scope out chore charts and see if there is anything worth my husband's hard earned money to buy. Everything pretty much out there is a free printable chart. Well anyone out there that knows me, and knows me well that just won't do. Neither will a giant poster board full of stickers. I've ran across this Melissa and Doug chore chart at Borders and Macy's both.

While I think it will do what I want it to I don't want to buy two different charts for my two different kids at $20 a pop.
And then I ran across the Super Nanny chore chart which actually sparked something else in me.

I like the idea, but I think it's God awful ugly. So I'm going to make my own! I'm pretty sure that I can get all of the materials right at good old Wal-Mart, and with a bulletin board and a bunch of pretty scrapbook paper, pretty stickers and a few clothespins I'll make it work (and it'll match the house ha ha, there goes my anal rententiveness).
Now I think maybe I'll have a little help around the house, but I'll add one more thing to my list of to do's...keep them out of the chore stickers!