February 15, 2009

Happy Love Day *cough cough*

Today is Valentine's Day whooptie woo. The first we've been a part in three years...and I'm sick as a dog. I fought off this thing for two days with Zicam. It normally doesn't keep me from getting sick, but it definitely lessens the symptoms. Well, that lasted until last night, I am soo soo sick right now. But what can a girl do when she's at home alone taking care of her kids? March on as usual. I never get an oppurtunity to be sick even when he is home, but it's still nice to have someone here to run out and get you chocolate ice cream at eleven o'clock at night because your throat hurts.

Richard sent me a pajama gram, delivered right on time. I am swimming in them, but I have a feeling a run through the wash will make them a little tighter...at least I'm hoping. The girls were so jealous that daddy sent me pj's and not them, that I had to make an emergency run to the mall to get them so pj's. We promptly got back in the car and headed home where we all immediately threw on our new duds and laid on the couch.

I really do love my kids so much. Gillian kept making sure that the blanket never came off my feet and Brenna sat behind me and brushed my hair for an hour straight. They worry me a little bit though because I feel like they worry about me a little too much for being only four and five.

As far as an update on the family goes, we are all doing exceptionally well given the circumstances. I was told at Gillian's parent teacher conference this week that she is already ready to proceed onto first grade, so we have nothing to worry about when we transfer to Riley. Brenna is just busy being my little shadow. She's the one that gets me through most days. And Richard is doing really well at school. He had a test at school (call for fire or something??) and he aced it. Apparently about 20 of the soldiers in his class did not pass it, so getting an A is something to be said. I think he is being challenged more than he expected to be, and I think it's harder for him to be away than he expected it to be. It's kind of like us being so far away from our families. Our lives go on here, and we don't realize how much we are missing out on until we visit for a few short weeks once a year or so. It goes the other way too. Now he's the one getting glimpses of our lives ticking by while he feels like times standing still for him.

Well I'm off to choke down anther Mucinex and try to go to sleep although I feel like I want to pound a shiv through my eye. I'll try to update pics when I'm feeling better. I need to do some other random crap for Richard too that I'm gonna be in trouble for if I don't do it soon!