February 18, 2009

She blessed it within 30 minutes...

I've been researching five point harness booster seats for both of the girls for about a week now. I have had both of them in a seat belt booster, but I'm beginning to get paranoid about them not being safe enough. That along with us having a lot of road time in our near future (most likely 4 hours a weekend until Richard comes home!) I decided I needed to bite the bullet and get the best of what I could find. I did a lot of research and ended up with this baby.

It's a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 in the color princess (I wanted the black and gray to streamline with my interior, but who can deny a four year old a pink flowery carseat???). It stands up well against the more popular Britax brand, but it has two things that made it worth purchasing over a Britax. #1 look at the base...see how skinny it is??? My little Honda's backseats sit like bucket seats. So every other carseat that I've tried in the back of this car wobbles trying to balance on the higher cushy parts of the seat. #2 The seat folds up against the back of the carseat so that it folds flat. Awesome for travel, needing to carry it though at airport (has straps for that too), fold it flat to allow more room in the car, or even to pull it out and fold it flat to stow in the trunk.

But, as the title of the blog tells you...this isn't the end of the story. Anyone who knows Diva knows she spews. Yep, we were all the way back from the one and only USA Baby on island sitting right outside of McNair gate when she started screaming that it was coming. Luckily we had just stopped for a happy meal on the way to pick G up from school so she had her little paper bag to barf in, but she slightly missed and got her new favorite dress coated along with a spot on her new carseat. Oh did I mention she got my actual car seat too that I just vacuumed and cleaned the upholstrey yesterday?? I should've known better. It's just like every time I wash my car it rains, or anytime I change the kids sheets after an overextended period they pee on the clean set the first night. I wonder why that ALWAYS happens????