January 11, 2011

Pillow Cover

First, I have to apologize, my camera stinks. The more I've learned how to use it the worse the pictures are turning out. If I turn it back to factory setting and use the brainless auto, then everyone is all whited out by the flash. Like it said, it sucks. On to what this post is really about! One thing that has been driving me crazy since we purchased our bright red couch is the pillows that came with it. You know the ugly contemporary pillows that accompany just about every couch that is never anyone's idea of 'looks good'. Now that we've owned the thing for over a year and have moved a few states over I decided to do something about it. And I must admit, I'm a World Market and Pier One junkie. But I don't want to pay for World Market and Pier One. Plus, I couldn't find anything that really went with the style that I've been leaning towards in this house. I took it upon myself to find a tutorial to make a cover for my ugly as sin pillows. I found this one at Cottage Magpie that seemed pretty straight forward and easy enough for even a novice sewer like myself. Here's the final result (the brown).

The light gold pillow I grabbed at Target from their Christmas 50% off clearance for $6.

The pillow cover ended up being bigger than I intended, so I guess next plan of attack is to buy a bigger pillow form for it and then sew a smaller cover in a coordinating fabric for my ugly as sin pillow. I'm loving the fact that I can take the cover off and wash it if a certain baby dribbles milk on it (or who am I kidding, if I spill!).

Here is the fabric for my next house project.

I'm making roman shades for the eat in kitchen area turned baby playroom at the moment. I need to put something there that is on the shorter side for her safety and my sanity. Ignore the green color, it needs wayyyy lightened up, but I need a giant ladder for that project. I know the brown is a bit dark in the picture. In real life it's the perfect mocha color.

That's it for today! Hopefully I will finish another project sooner than later ha ha.