September 8, 2009

DIY Hair Bow Holder


I've seen these larger in size at a hair salon for children, where they use them to display the bows they have for sale. I decided it was an easy enough project to make on my own, it some what organized the many random bows that we have laying around thanks to having lots of girls in the house, and it was different than just sticking it on a ribbon hanging from the wall or doorknob.

Step One

Start out with any old frame you have laying around or you can buy a really ugly cheap one like I did. The finish on this thing was just awful, but I liked the texture it had. I wouldn't use anything smaller than an 8 X 10, and definitely use something bigger if you have a lot of bows to display. I'd go search the clearance section at discount stores like Ross for dinged up pictures (because you won't need the picture) or a thrift store. Remove everything from the frame including the glass.


Step Two

This is what will take you the longest. Layer after layer of paint to get your desired color. Since my frame was so dark to begin with I chose to prime it first and then layer my color on top of the primer. Make sure you get even the tiniest of edges on the inside of the frame that sits above the glass notch.


Step Three

Once your paint is dry you can start hot gluing the ribbon on the backside of the glass notch. Space the ribbon out to your desired width and use as many as you would like. I used a popsicle stick to make sure that the ribbon had secured itself nicely in the glue and also avoided burning my fingers in the process.


Step Four

You can choose to be done like I did at this point. Just replace the glass, put a plane sheet of paper or a fancier scrapbook paper to match your decor, and secure the back of the frame. You can either set it on display or hang it from a wall. Of course you can get even more industrious and instead of replacing the glass...use a piece of cardboard cut the same size as the glass and cover it in pretty fabric. I'm actually probably going to go that route, but I wanted to get the tutorial up today and need to go scout the scrap section of the fabric store still.


I hope this at least sparks some creative ideas for you! It's a good reminder sometimes that we don't have to just throw things haphazardly into a basket, only to have to dig and dig to find exactly what we are looking for.