March 27, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Richard has put in a lot of hours at work lately, so Addison and I decided to head down to his office to catch a few minutes with him one afternoon. Some nights he is lucky if he gets to see her for five minutes before she heads to bed, so I take small opportunities to go to him for her sake.
We weren't in the office long before she started making herself way to comfortable. She began pulling books off of shelves and running into the other offices. Of course none of the soldiers mind, and they think she's adorable, but I booked it out of there before she stirred up too much trouble. Now that she's walking(running) I try to let her walk instead of carrying her if the area is safe enough. She found the stairs on the way to the car. We don't have these at home.
And this is the random picture of a Blue Angel flying by the house. It really is no where close to being overhead but it's loud enough to feel like it's in the house with you.
We all loaded up in the car on Friday night and headed out to buy a powerwasher. We have major concrete areas due to the pool in the backyard and the front sidewalks were just disgusting with caked in dirt. Saturday afternoon Richard started to powerwash and the girls and I decided it was warm enough to try out the pool.
Winnie went swimming too.
All the meanwhile poor Daddy worked.
And I'm sure right now you are thinking, you said you went swimming, but there aren't any swimming pictures. That dang baby is impossible to coral next to the water. I couldn't have the camera taking pictures and keep her from drowning at the same time. I have to work on my strategy.
We finished off the night by setting up the Wii outside and playing Just Dance next to the pool in the dark. Gillian said she is going to start using it as her after school work out. I think these girls are going to grow up not knowing that they have a choice whether or not they exercise. Of course, towards the end of the night I was the only one dancing and R+girls were back in the pool. I didn't get any pictures of the night because my camera stinks in that setting.
Today I took the girls' to Perdido Kids Park for a birthday party. It was blazing hot and all I could think about was coming home to get back in the pool.
I once again failed at taking any actual pool pictures, so I made them get back in for me.
I love this picture even though I cut Gigi's head off.
G jumps far,
Nenna jumps high,
and Winnie cowers under the lounge chair because I keep throwing her in the pool.
And poor Richard...still cleaning.
Hopefully this fixes my lack of big girl pictures from the past few weeks! It's supposed to rain alllll week. Blah. Not that I should complain because most of my family and friends are STILL dealing with snow. So, if I don't blog for a while that's why. I'm doing a lot of reading and watching movies at home in my downtime and letting Addy run wild in nothing but a diaper the other 15 hours of the day.